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    Those look like rock cuts to me. 48k out of a set of 10 ply tires on a truck? That's very good, especially if used off-road at all. It doesn't matter what tire I put on !y truck, but I don't get 25k out of them before I destroy sidewalls from rocks.

    Also, it's not uncommon for truck tires to not have a warranty because of the expected use. For that reason, I just find the best deal I can and expect to replace tires every two years, regardless of tread life remaining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by antelopedundee View Post
    I would think that off road with mostly dirt or grass that you could get another 25K out of them.
    I sure as hell wouldn’t try.
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    Try the K02 tire. I drive 60k miles a year and that includes horrible mine roads and mountain roads. All my problems went away when I switched to them.

    If I schedule a tire change at 60k miles then I miss getting a flat at all. 65k miles and then the flats show up, but 60k is pretty darn good for tires I think.
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    It is hard to beat KO2 tires.

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