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    Default Kenetreks or Crispis

    Im going to either buy Kenetreks or Crispis, never owned either. Opinions?
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    Try both on, and buy the one that fits best. Both are good.
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    Good question, I'm looking at both. The biggest draw back to buying things online is not being able to try anything on, obviously

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    You need to try them on. I hate Kenetreks and love Crispi but there are others that are the exact opposite.
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    Why not both? I have a pair of 400g insulated Kenetreks, and a pair of uninsulated Crispi. Both are great brands and support the content I enjoy, both support causes that I personally hold as important. Brand support doesn't have to be an all or nothing game. Like what was mentioned before, find what fits the best and go from there.

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    I had the Kenetrek Mountain Extremes NI, and just couldn't get a good fit for my foot, even after breaking them in. I bought a pair of Crispi GTX Hunter, and they are extremely comfortable with no break-in needed. For my fit (or feet), Crispi were the best for me, and they seem to offer just as much support as the Kenetreks. My Guide has Kenetreks (Mountain Extremes) and loves them- He wouldn't try anything else. I got my Crispis through, and if you are a new customer get 10% off, plus free shipping.

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    Look on some of Big Fins YouTube programs I believe he has a few on Kenetreks. I also recommend listening to or watching Gritty Bowmen, the latest podcast they meet in Italy at Crispi HQ and talk about them. If you have a store near by go there as others have suggested and try them on. I don't believe you can go wrong with either company unless you buy them before trying them on.

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    As previous poster said the one that fits your foot best. I have Crispi they are comfortable right out of the box.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MinnesotaHunter View Post
    Try both on, and buy the one that fits best. Both are good.
    This. And only this. If ordering online, just get them from a retailer that will allow a return. Even if it costs you the return shipping, that's cheap compared to sore to bloody feet on a hunt.

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    I agree, every foot is different. I settled on Zamberlan's.

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    Both are great boots. Whichever fits you better.
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    My Kenetrek Bridger Ridge didn't make it a season before they turned my socks into sponges. I've never been so disappointed in a pair of boots. I understand they may not be made to the same quality as their mountain boots, but that turned me off to the brand and I'll go elsewhere.

    EDIT: I didn't want that to sound too negative. I love the boots for light scouting and when I know there will be no precipitation or dew, but I can't trust them then it actually counts. They're extremely comfortable, like an old baseball glove, they just leak like a screen door.
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    I have 2 pairs of Crisps. They are the best boots I’ve owned. Tried kenetreks in the store and they hurt my feet.

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