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    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has any experience hunting elk in the Owyhee area in Idaho? I'm from Eastern Idaho and Owyhee is one area of the state I haven't spent any time in. I drew the early hunt starting Oct. 1 and ending Oct 15. Any advice about the area or elk behavior would be greatly appreciated. I'm super excited about the opportunity!

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    Thank you! Good to be here.

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    An atv or a side by side will give you the best chance of finding elk. From what I hear they could be spread out anywhere or even still up in Nevada that time of year. It will likely be warm. I would start at the NV border and around the reservation. Big glass wouldn't hurt either.
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    Never hunted in Idaho but welcome! Good luck this fall!

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    Thanks for the advice!

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    Great tag, I would get boots on the ground just to verify the terrain since you have never been there, on another trip scout before your hunt, they'll be bugling and easy to locate, and should still be going the beginning of October. ATV/Motorcycle would be nice just to travel the roads faster than a pick up for scouting, but either or you'd be fine. Learn to elk call would be a number one.

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    Also, look into what other seasons are open at the same time? General deer, cow elk? This should give you an idea of other hunting pressure going on at the same time, and where to get away from others.

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    On the border!

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    In researching 41 for the late season buck rifle I've gotten some info on elk, from some relatives who have drawn that hunt in the past. Unfortunately, they did not have any info that helped my hunt. PM sent.

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