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    Default Blueticks 4 Sale

    Expecting a litter of UKC Blueticks in about a month or so. Please PM if you have any interest. Thanks!

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    Hoping pics will follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wytex View Post
    Hoping pics will follow.
    You bet. Will be up soon

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    What blood lines?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTlionchaser View Post
    What blood lines?
    Smokey River

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    Correction: puppies will be here any day now. Mother is at the veterinarian and x-rays show 8 puppies. I don't have any decent pictures of here right now. However, here are some of the father:

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    Puppies came yesterday afternoon...
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    Beauties!! They will be fun.
    Both parents are great looking hounds. Wish I could check them out.
    Good luck with the litter, hope the little one doesn't get too attached.

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    The mom is a beautiful dog!! Congrats!!
    I'll have a beer flavored beer please!

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    Thanks. We're enjoying it.

    Going to the vet for another visit tomorrow, and will get additional 'details' posted by this weekend.

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    Received a very favorable report from the veterinarian today. Puppies will be ready around the first week in October; $375 each. $75 deposit secures pick; 5 females and 4 males. Registration and veterinary records will be provided. I will be traveling to New Mexico, Idaho, and neighboring states in the near future. So, could possibly deliver for additional fee depending on details.

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    So what kind of game did the parents hunt?

    Are the parents Strike dogs, bay dogs, Chop or bawl mouthed?

    Hunt alone or Pack dogs?

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    So what kind of game did the parents hunt?
    -Both are coon hounds.

    Are the parents Strike dogs, bay dogs, Chop or bawl mouthed?
    -Definitely bawl mouthed; mother more so than the father.

    Hunt alone or Pack dogs?
    -Mother wants to be on her own. Father will hang with her for a little while.

    2018 will be the father's third season and the mother's second. Mother is two years old and the father is three. Father was originally purchased as a straight coon hound (Tell's) for my family to get out into the woods more. But, quickly became a part-time pet. He's done very well in the woods. Mother was purchased as a hunting companion for the father, but (as you can see) brought more . As you might notice, the father is a stouter, stronger, more muscular dog than the mother. Much faster as well. I really enjoy watching him work ridges. He can bolt up 45 degree slopes with no problem and clear 3ft deadfalls at full stride. Mother has a colder nose and will work harder/slower; as given the larger frame. Mother weighs around 62lbs and the father around 58lbs.

    While our main interest is in coon hunting, the other species would be bear. While we can't actively hunt them with hounds; it's nice to know that the dogs are still working. I stuck to hunting the hounds in north GA because it's is also the lowest population of whitetails in the state. Didn't want them to get hooked on trailing deer (although they'd be great at it) or running trash (armadillo, groundhog, etc). We're still early in their lives, but it's been very promising. One of my favorite attributes is that when they open-up you can hear it echo for miles through the mountains.

    Latest view makes me think that they might favor the mother more. Main interest in Hunt Talkers was to get them to an owner where they'd see some decent field time each year. Looking to hang on to about three. Name:  image0000001.jpg
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    Still have a couple not spoken for yet...

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    Dang those are nice looking hounds!

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    Thanks! Headed out your way this week if you know anyone who might be interested.

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