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    Default Looking for CO 2nd or 3rd Rifle Season OTC Elk Camp/Group

    I've been doing a ton of research via YouTube, HuntTalk, books, UEH, FB, etc. to go for my first western hunt. I've been hunting whitetail for 5 or 6 years in IL and OH and I've been to Scotland for red stag as my 40th birthday present last year (my avatar), but I've never hunted out west. None of my deer/turkey hunting buddies are ready to try for elk and have enough leave. As people have mentioned in other threads, my wife is extremely concerned about me heading out west to camp/hunt by myself. I spent 7 years as a scout leader and have done a ton of camping, but never backpacked my stuff in. I'm looking for a group to camp with so someone knows every night if I've made it back and to bounce ideas off of. I have almost all necessary gear already purchased (binos, spotting scope, backpack, mountain boots, clothing, rifle, etc.), and I'm renting the stuff I haven't yet (4-season tent and inReach). I prefer to go with someone who has had some success so we're not like 2 blind mice out there. I plan to get out there a couple days ahead of season to scout and will be there until the season ends, or we've tagged out. I'm a computer engineer, but also an avid outdoorsman (Corey Jacobsen is also an engineer BTW, so don't judge ). I'm looking at either GMU 591 on Ft. Carson (I have a CAC) or 82 as they have the best chances for success in CO based on goHunt. I have goHunt and OnXMaps subscriptions for research and e-scouting.


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