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    Default Rangefinder magnification

    All, I'm in the market for a new rangefinder. Use would be for bowhunting (total n00B, trying for the first time this season) and rifle hunting/target out to 1000yds.

    My question is about magnification. If I was just going to use it for shooting I'd just go with something like a Sig Kilo 2000 or 2200 with the 7X magnification. But I'm concerned that 7X might be a little too much for archery hunting, where something like 4X might be preferred. What say all of you? Do you have a preferred magnification for an archery rangefinder?

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    Mine is 6x and it seems to always be good for me.

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    I have an older one that's a 4x and a newer 6x. I like the 6x better. Especially for ranging distant targets. But a 4x is all you really need for archery.
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    I have the Sig Kilo 2200 and have not had a problem getting on target with the magnification.
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    That's great info, thanks for the comments everyone.

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