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    Default Alaska early years

    I came from Miami Beach Florida, to Alaska in 1977. Fished a lot in Fla. snook, sheepshead, others.
    Salmon where different, but figured it out.

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    I graduated from high school in 1977. During my senior year it was a "veterinarian or Alaska". I choose a DVM career. You see my cousin was on Prince of Wales during the logging boom. He was a cook at a camp in Coffman Cove and he would tell the greatest stories. I love my DVM career, however, I often ask my self "what if". I have had the chance to Visit Coffman Cove twice and it is absolutely beautiful.

    good luck to all
    the dog
    "it's the HUNT, not the KILL"

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    Great pic!! Thanks for sharing!

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    Early 80's. Rolling down the Parks hwy, big John packs his pipe with weed and says " I see better when I'm high" puffs a little smoke, toward Dave, who can't stand it. I'm driving. Immediately John says "there's a bear!". Pulled over to size him up. Small Grizzly. Dave wants it. He has a borrowed rifle never shot. John declares Dave and I must shoot the bear at the same time. Ok. This was done just off the road shoulder, both of us in a sitting position. John counts to three, kaboom. Bear flips growls, bites at his side, then goes paws up in the brush. Dave had his trophy.

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    Hunted with John, a few years. In the eighties, would chain up the truck and hit the trails. The honda 3 wheeler was handy. I'd load a moose leg, heavy side on seat and leg through the handle bars. Bounce meat back to the truck, one leg at a time.

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    I like it, more if you got em!

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    While a big moose is nice, we were meat hunters. In the 80's our areas were "any bull". Up north, legal was 36" spread or greater/ or 3 brow tines on one side.

    Caribou above, John shot from passenger seat of my truck. Casings pinging around the cab. It was a good 200-220 yards. He hit it, and was out of bullets. Looked to me to be a done deal, but John insisted I put it down. Leaned across the hood, one shot and down it was. John says "I need to get me a scope".

    John with 54" bull
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    From the 80's

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    You must be typing this from the grave. No way you guys survived the Alaska wilderness in cotton shirts and blue jeans.

    Cool pics! Thanks for sharing.
    "No Kuiu here"

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    Gotta love those early pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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    We were more excited about chasing critters, than being cold. Young, and doing it cheap. I did, and still do, like wool in my clothes. In the 80's, these were "city moose", not to far from town. A few early camps pictures.

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    This is how we got it done. Nights are cold, sometimes snow collapses the camp!
    Meat hanging in both pictures. Took a small black bear on that last one.

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