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    Hey all, I know the season doesn't open for some time yet in Missouri but I'm just trying to get things lined out before the season starts. I live in Kansas City and I'm looking for places to rabbit hunt. I used to go rabbit hunting with my dad and cousins alot as a kid and was hoping to get back at it. Now I don't have beagles like we used to when I was a kid so I'll just have to walk them up. I've hunted all of the conservation areas around Kansas city with no luck and only spotted a couple in the last few years. Anyone had any luck or seen good numbers of rabbits on public land in any other parts of the state? Like I said, it's been awhile since I've really really hunted rabbits and I've been wanting to get a bunch to eat for quite some time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    I don't have any suggestions, as I've never hunted in MO. That said, I wish you well. My earliest hunting memories are following my dad and grandpa chasing rabbits behind beagles. Great times! Due to a variety of reasons, I think there may be more rabbits in town now than in huntable areas of Indiana.

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    I have lots of rabbits here in Central Iowa. Not a lot of help I suppose, but populations seem to be doing very well right now.

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    Overun with Rabbits in Az.hunting open year round.I never leave our property!

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    Try some of the corps of engineers ground around Truman lake. Look for ag fields there are plenty, and you will find rabbits.
    I work so I can hunt

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