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    Default KuduPoint Broadheads

    Has anyone used KuduPoint Contour broadheads. Was at the local archery shop and everyone there was talking about them and how well they shoot. I am considering going to a single bevel design and was curious if anyone here has used them? I like how the "rotation during wound creation acts as a wedge to displace or split bone and provides for impressive wound channel characteristics".

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    I haven't killed an animal with the kudu's yet, but have shot a few deer with single bevel broadheads. I've been practicing with the 100gr contours and classics for several months now, and I've found them to be very accurate. I'll be using them this fall, and I'm very confident they'll perform well.

    In my experience with the couple whitetails I shot with single bevels, I've seen the rotating wound channel, and a broken/cracked shoulder blade. The performance I saw on deer wasn't much different than a standard double blade head of similar toughness. Deer just aren't that large, and I've never had penetration issues with any shot I've taken(shooting a 500gr arrow at 270fps+). I didn't notice any increase in blood on the ground compared to a larger diameter mechanical or even a 3 blade fixed head. Small diameter 2 blade heads just don't leave a large hole for blood to pour. That said, I'm still going to use them, because I want to see for myself how they'll do on elk, and because I'm confident they'll hit where I'm aiming.
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