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    Default When a bear tries to eat your camera

    Put a tooth right through the sensor...........
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    I've had numerous cameras bitten, clawed tore off trees by bears. A couple ha have been completely destroyed. Most of the time is young bears that mess with my cameras

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    So cool.
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    Both of my cameras have gouges from bears chewing on them. Many pics of those bears dental state.

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    Cool pics!
    I've been to a town, Del.

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    young bears have chewed my stuff. Cool pics!

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    Cool pics! Maybe a bear tag this fall?
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    We baited for black bears years ago in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan . We were gone a few days and so I was walking into the bait area I seen one of my cameras was missing . I thought somebody stole it but after 35 min. Of hunting looking for a green camera I spotted the black strap sticking out of some leaves . I grabbed it to see it covered in bite Mark's . What a trophy I was thinking !! I still have the same camera it runs on 35mm film so you know its age !!
    By the way I took the film in and have some cool pictures of his mouth / teeth !! It must have been a hell of a night at the bait stand there was one picture of a bear looking at a Wolf in the back ground ! Oh that's when Michigan didn't have wolves ...ya Right

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    I have several pics of bear mouths over the years. Definitely seems to be younger bears doing it each time.

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    Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing

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