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    Default What montana drawing is in process right now ?

    Pretty much what title says.... I tried to sign my dad up for hunt roster and it won't let me cuz it says drawing in process , and until it's completed no info is available on myfwp . So I went into mine and same thing, so what drawing is going on ? Deer/elk b ?

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    I think I answered my own question , I think it's the supertag drawing

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    I'm guessing anything that hasn't been drawn yet but is closed to applying will be "in process."

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    Hunt roster is open until the 15th I believe.

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    Pronghorn results aren’t out yet either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntelopeSafari View Post
    Pronghorn results aren’t out yet either.
    August for those . Tells on website approximate drawing dates . Deer b and elk b are supposed to be next week (week of July 16)

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    That interests me cuz I'm in the pool for both

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    Hunt roster is still open as well. I signed up yesterday.

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    Deer and elk b drawings in process come on elk b

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    Draw is done. Elk b and deer b successful

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