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Thread: Trophy Ideas?

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    Default Trophy Ideas?

    I lucked up and drew an oryx permit in New Mexico, so I am headed out the first of Sept to hunt. I have a shoulder mount from South Africa, so I am looking for some ideas for things to do/keep from this trip. I am definitely doing a euro mount on the skull. Other than that I've thought about the tail for a fly swatter, feet for gun rack, hide for pillows, etc... Really open to anything you guys have seen that would make a nice addition to your house and a way to use a little more of the animal.

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    Like the bolls hanging from your trailer hitch..Lol!!

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    Bulls in New Mexico are usually bigger than from South Africa. But looking for alternative trophy. I would love a wall rug of an oryx. Striking contrasts, but to thin to leave on the floor.

    There are a lot of oryx tails, but never appealed to me.

    I think a euro can be the most impressive!

    I did leave my smaller cow in the yard as just skull and horns. I liked it.

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