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    Moving to Arizona here in a month or so from Kentucky, most likely to the Buckeye area. Just wondering if anybody on here has any info on the OTC archery units close to the area, like how well the deer populations are etc. Also any units in the state anyone would prefer. Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Arizona's game and fish website has lots of useful info on each unit and where to commonly find different species of animals. This is a great starting point.

    You're moving to the largest metro area of all the western hunting states (not counting California). Lots of other hunters especially during OTC archery. But there's deer to be had and I've had my fair share of opportunities on bucks in the last three years. Pick a unit and start learning it. Good luck!

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    Unit 42 right there has some absolute monsters. No OTC early archery when I lived there though. 18b and 20c aren't far and can hold some really nice bucks. Best bet is to pick 1 unit and hunt it year after year. You'll really get to know the animals and their habits that way.

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    I live in 42 but prefer to head north for OTC hunts. Hunting the low desert units takes a lot of patience and a willingness to glass for days without seeing a single deer. Deer densities are really low in the lower desert units, like 1 deer per square mile. Guys that like it are hooked on it. Taking a buck in the lower desert is a real accomplishment and I would think very satisfying. The higher elevation OTC units give plenty of opportunities to get around deer regularly with a tag in your pocket. What else could an archer ask for? I agree, its best to pick a unit and go over every inch on Google Earth, then get out there and check it out in person.
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    Thank you guys for the information!

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    Take the 303 highway to up around Lake Pleasant. You can find Mulies, Javelina, and quail there. The Striper fishing in Pleasant is pretty good too.
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