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    If adding a brake have your barrel threaded and while buying the brake also buy a thread protector cap. The reason for the cap you won't have to make changes to your hardcase, and is you don't like the brake too. Buy a directional brake!

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    $150 to $250 depending who does it and what you get, I have a bunch of breaks on rifles and love them.
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    sneakypete. is the area419 hellfire considered a directional brake?

    if so I would agree, i don't have that specific brake but have a brake on my 280ai and love it for summertime shooting, 120grain bullets and the 280ai barely moves, roars but is no worse when laying behind the rifle. in the fall when may be hunting with others i put on the threaded protector sight in with heavy bullets and good to go

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    I can recommend one bolt on break if you're interested. With the bolt on you have the choice of removing it if you like, and may even be able to use it on more than one rifle. As long as the barrel end diameter is very similar and caliber is same or smaller.
    The Witt Machine & Tool Co. makes what I think are the best b olt on brakes at a great price. The last I purchased cost me $145.00 with shipping and was easy to install, looked great and reduced recoil more than any brake I have used in the past or since.
    They do thread on brakes also, but the cost of threading a barrel is more than I would pay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbateman View Post
    I'm thinking of getting a muzzle brake put on my Howa 1500 30-06. I'd rather have a gunsmith put one on rather than a bolt-on. Does anyone have any experience with the cost of getting a muzzle brake on your gun?

    I had a brake put on my 30-06 Browning A-Bolt Stainless Stalker recently. Cost was $225 and lead time was a month.

    It's great! My daughter has been shooting it with confidence and that's the primary reason I did it. If she's not confident, she's not going to practice. If she's not going to practice, I'm not going to let her shoot at an elk. Recoil is the same as her .243.

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    Go suppressed
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    I’ve used Hi tech customs in Colorado Springs for a couple muzzle brakes they do a good job turn around is quick and they match the contour of your muzzle..

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