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    I've spent the past few months listening to the podcasts during my commutes, baby feedings, and other free moments. To celebrate (mourn?) having listened to all of them, I decided to create a bingo game of Randy-isms. Feel free to chime in with your own replacement squares and play along!

    R A N D Y
    Fugitive from justice in Mexico onX Maps If you want to hunt, don’t be handy or have a wood stove Those in the womb of time / those yet unborn How did we get on this topic?
    Disinherit the federal treasury The world’s worst logger If I run for office, my wife will divorce me A testament to just how far a line of BS will get you Promo code: Randy, R-A-N-D-Y
    I apologize for the background noise Equal-opportunity abuser Leupold State lands are not public lands I care more about peace than justice
    Orion Coolers I have to take my wife walleye fishing Active participant in the environment Slightly below average in everything Ride a desk for a living
    Greatest concentration of undistributed wealth A grouse problem Dairy Queen Go Hunt The Party of Hunting, Fishing, and Public Access

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    That's pretty good!

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    I like it!

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    Brought a smile.

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    good stuff! fairly certain that you would get a "bingo" almost every time you listened to one of the podcasts. winner gets a DQ giftcard?!

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