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    Due to work restrictions and scheduling, my buddies and I are flying from PA to MT for our hunt this fall. Any recommendations for processors who can cut and ship our meat and antlers home if we're lucky enough to get something? Any ballpark cost for this sort of thing? The closest towns are White Sulphur Springs where we're staying, and Bozeman where we're flying in and out of.

    Before you say it, there's no chance we can adjust our travel schedule and don't want to sacrifice days on the ground for days on the road, even though we all know there are lots of benefits to road tripping.

    Thanks for any advice or input!

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    There are a bunch of different options in Bozeman, Happel's Clean Cut Meats and Yellowstone Wild Game processing will both cut, freeze, and ship. Cost depends of what you get done... if you bring in clean quarters and have it cut into steaks and then burger processing will probably run you at least $300 could be as much as $600 if you get crazy with specialty stuff. for an elk I would imagine 3 day shipping would run you around $650-$1000 depending on container and where you live exactly in PA, so total cost for an elk $950-$1600 min from Bozeman to PA. The cheapest way to get it done would be to bone out your meat yourself, buy coolers in Bozeman at walmart, get dry ice at the albertson's, and then take you meat as checked luggage... maybe $400 in baggage fees.

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    Check with your airline concerning the use of dry ice.

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    Several times, I have : boned out the quarters, packed them in 80 qt. Walmart coolers, taken the coolers to a processor, have the processor set the coolers in his freezer with the cover open (minimal cost) for a day or so, take the coolers to a UPS store, tape the seam and band the coolers shut, ship them home. No ice or dry ice.

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    how many days in transit from drop off at UPS and arrival at home? always frozen solid once received?
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    Drop the antlers at a taxidermist and have them ship home after a euro. Fly the meat home with you.
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    From Utah to Vermont 5 - 6 days. Slightly thawed around the sides. That is regular UPS Ground in the late season. For a September or October hunt you may want the faster shipping choice... I believe 3 days.

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    Thanks, everyone. All good info! Will def look into all options. I really like the idea of freezing it with a processor and shipping it afterwards. Plus it's a good excuse to get a bigger cooler, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwill View Post
    Drop the antlers at a taxidermist and have them ship home after a euro. Fly the meat home with you.
    Love the quotes, Jwill. Two of my absolute favorites from the outdoor world. Leopold's "Goose Music" (Hell, all of Sand County Almanac) should be required reading for anyone who wants to buy a license. And Petzal is just a cranky, old school, brilliant writer.

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    Another option is to contact a taxidermy transport company, in the fall there is a couple of them that run freezers or reefer trucks, about the same price as UPS. Can get your rack, Euro, and meat all at the same time. Guaranteed frozen. Get a hold of me if you want some info

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