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    Default Piņon canyon maneuver site ft carson

    Is there anyone here who has hunted down in pinion canyon?

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    I spent a little time there in the 80's.

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    No, but I’ve landed on the dirt LZ there a bunch and I put in for an antelope tag in the next unit over this year.

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    I had a tag several years ago for a cow (my first CO tag) but was unable to go due to the BS circus that was required to get "right" here on post. with iSportsman the system is streamlined some but still a bit of a PITA. Have you checked out iSportsman?
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    Yes i used that system back at fort campbell to hunt deer
    And turkey last year. But it seems its ran differently here, and not nearly as well. I figure if i can get in there DZ pronghorn might be a good spot to check haha

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    Have hunted rifle pronghorn and archery deer. And helped on a rifle deer tag tag in December. All a very long time ago.

    A very cool place and can be a pain logistically because of military activity and needs that can put a monkey wrench in your plans. The small price of a ready military and freedom.

    What did did you draw?
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    Well its otc for pronghorn there. So ill do otc archery, and most of the units here are not training because they are deployed. I drew a deer rifle tag in 136. So hopefully there will still be some good deer on the purgatory river by then

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