ive bought all my cameras when they go on sale. i think my most expensive was $65. wait til after the new models come out and u can pick up last years model for super cheap. i have browning, moultrie, bushnell, wildgame innovations, stealth cam. i have 17 total now. all my cams are on public land so they all have a security box, and all our cable locked. ive had 2 stolen so far, which is why i buy cheaper ones. for me picture quality is not as important as other things. as long as its not a blurry blob its fine, but brownings are prolly the best bang for the buck. i also use rechargeable batteries. its a bit more investment up front but its way cheaper in the long run. lithiums do last longer but ive had my rechargeables last for over 6 months. i leave my cameras out all year too, and just move them around. during the season i swap cards and batteries regularly and in the offseason i swap cards and batteries about every 6 weeks.