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    Default New contender for best bino harness

    Last week I stumbled upon a new outfit that has made an interesting binocular harness. The company is called Gearak, and they've got a really slick looking harness—at a price point that is about 50% less than most of the popular ones out there, such as FHF, Marsupial, OV, Kuiu, AGC, etc. I was impressed enough that I had to pre-order one for myself. (I am in no way affiliated with them, just sharing in case anyone else is interested.) They are currently doing a special pre-order bundle for their new design that includes a rangerfinder pouch and free shipping. It ends Monday.

    I messaged them quite a bit to ask them questions, and it seems that their product is unique in that it conforms to the shape of your individual pair of binos, meaning that they always pull out in the correct position for your eyes. This same feature conforming feature also makes the harness, which is already slim, shrink down smaller the more they are used for a less bulky experience.

    I don't have my hands on one yet, but I'll be sure to stop back in with a review as soon as I do.
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    Looks nice. Price is right too.

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    Well, I finally got my hands on these, and here's my review, good and bad:

    The appearance of the harness is as cool as the photos. The pocket portion of the harness is really cool. It works with one-handed performance very well.

    It was very large for my Vortex Diamondback 10x42 binos. I found that the pocket for the binos was much bulkier than I had hoped. For larger binos, they'd be great. But for mine, they're just floating around.

    Con: the straps are quite scratchy. The material appears to be some sort of nylon, and the ends have been terminated with heat/burning. Those edges were quite jagged and scratched my neck—not good for hunting in a tshirt or without a collar to protect your skin. And those rough edges kept catching on my clothing. This was reason enough for me to return the harness.

    Major good thing: I contacted customer service about making a return. They immediately refunded my money and told me to keep the harness. No questions asked. I was amazed. They accepted my comments and said they are considering how to make their product better. I hope they succeed. I'm keeping the harness in case I get a larger pair of binos. But for now, I've moved onto the Alps Outdoorz Ridge Stalker with RMEF. I love that one.

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    Love my AGC but always fun to see new innovations. Makes everyone create some pretty cool features.
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