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    Default Poaching ring here in the PNW is making news at some of the bigger outlets

    It's ridiculous that for many of them it's the second time being caught for poaching. I hope the judges (multiple states and charges) combine to result in some meaningful punishment.
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    Now they're guilty of violating the Lacey Act for transporting wildlife across state lines which is a federal crime. They should lock them up and throw away the key. What a waste of a animal's life for the so called thrill of killing.
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    Sad, sad story. The unfortunate thing is they kept calling these guys "hunters" in the story and referring to what they were doing as illegal hunts, illegal hunting tactics. Nothing like making a subtle inference to "hunting" and that others who follow all the rules and employ ethics in their "hunt" could be linked to this. Kind of wish the writer would have used the various forms of the word "poaching" throughout the story. SMH
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    Absolutely disgusting. This would be a great opportunity for the D.A. to make an example--guns taken away, hunting rights revoked for life, jail time, fines. The complete disregard for wildlife, not to mention the legal, ethical hunting community, that these poachers showed is deserving of some real punishment.

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