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    we have a 182 just in case you need help,,,,,you know loading unloading meat ect

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubohuntr View Post
    I'm jealous. I'd have someone else drop you off and pick you up, since you are going to be hunting away from the landing zone. It would be all too easy for your unattended aircraft to have an "accident" while you are off hunting- cows rubbing on the prop, stray bullet from private, tire puncture... It's a real shame we even have to think that way, but outfitters who have a prime parcel of public land locked up have an unsavory reputation, and it doesn't seem to bother them at all. I'd also stop in at the appropriate BLM office beforehand and get something in writing, if only a citation to the relevant laws, that says it is OK to land there, just to CYA.
    I like the OP's way of thinking and this^^^^ suggestion. Chat with the BLM officials, NFS folks and/or FWP and see if they'll give you something in writing. That way, in the event of a confrontation, you can tell them you're covered and legal. Then, they can pound sand. I am myself super-frustrated with the way private landowners are blocking access to public lands and then, using them as if they are their own. I have been trying to tell any legislator I can find that there needs to be an access law passed to allow the public to gain access to ALL our land. If no landowner wants to grant an easement, then a court makes one. Just like private property owners. I believe in fair-play all around. No special privileges.
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    As far as everything I have researched you are good to go. That looks like a great spot.

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    If you plan to leave your aircraft unattended bring several trail cameras. Mount them on nearby trees, up high, and even inside the aircraft looking out to capture pics of any visitors. It's a shame that you would have to do such a thing but it may come in handy. Also be prepared to have to visit this county again for court if too much trouble comes up. While I don't like the drama aspect I respect you for insisting that you can visit your land if you want to. Sadly these landowners and outfitters are banking on nobody going to the limits that you are. Best wishes!

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    There is a special place for landowners and outfitters who feel they own all the land locked public land across this great country. I would love to go with you for the sole purpose to make fun of them and harvest "their" wildlife : )

    Please keep us posted on your adventure! (Might be a good idea to post up trail cameras around your aircraft in the unlikely case of vandalism from the angry neighbors).

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    I like the sound of this plan. Can't wait to see the results. Won't be long until folks are using uber aircraft to fly into these places.

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    I think the idea of a bodycam is a really good one if the attempted private ownership of this place is as bad as you say it is.

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    Read before where the outfitters would park trailers and other equipment on the road to stop you from having a place to land as well as take back off. Just something else to think about. I hope it works out great for you for many years.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! It's much appreciated

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    I hope you drill a 400+ bull right as the outfitter is walking by!!! You're plan rocks, you the man!! Good luck!! I think there is some solid advice about planning for harassment and protecting your aircraft. I also think you should bring someone with you as a witness. Isn't it crazy that we even have to think this way when talking about public land!? Good luck man, keep us posted!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nuevo_eph View Post
    I think the idea of a bodycam is a really good one if the attempted private ownership of this place is as bad as you say it is.
    Though remember:

    45-8-213. Privacy in communications.
    (1) Except as provided in 69-6-104, a person commits the offense of violating privacy in communications if the person knowingly or purposely:

    (c) records or causes to be recorded a conversation by use of a hidden electronic or mechanical device that reproduces a human conversation without the knowledge of all parties to the conversation. This subsection (1)(c) does not apply to:
    (i) elected or appointed public officials or to public employees when the transcription or recording is done in the performance of official duty;
    (ii) persons speaking at public meetings;
    (iii) persons given warning of the transcription or recording, and if one person provides the warning, either party may record; or
    (iv) a health care facility, as defined in 50-5-101, or a government agency that deals with health care if the recording is of a health care emergency telephone communication made to the facility or agency.
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    I am pretty sure I have looked at this exact spot 3-4 years ago it is excellent elk country without a doubt. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytes View Post
    no need to hide it, where one around your neck in plain sight,,,

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    Body cam idea sounds like a good idea to me. I'd make sure it was visible, and tell the person who confronts you that you are recording the conversation.

    I hope you find a way to make your hunt happen. Best of luck to you !

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    I am so jealous, that sounds so freaking awesome. others have suggested trail cameras which is a good idea. what about bringing a buddy along to film? film the hunt, confrontation, etc... have fun. cant wait to hear about it.

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    Heh. I'm into it.

    Good luck, man!

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    I think a call to law enforcement or even the county prosecutor and judge would be appropriate. Legality is too often interpreted by others. It may be long process to come out "legal". I'm not saying its right, just being realistic with possible outcomes.
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    My recollection from when Big Fin did this is that they used a helicopter and landed on grass - not on a road. I may be wrong but believe that Wingman used a supercub to access the same area and landed on a road. If it was me I would talk to the BLM, if only so they know what you are up to. Make sure you touch down and are airborne while still on BLM.

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    If you're anticipating some potential "harassment" from an Outfitter, perhaps consider having a Go Pro video camera or similar with you? If you're confronted with a situation, the fact you're documenting it on video, might keep you from saying anything regrettable, while the person harassing you may be documenting themselves either breaking hunter harassment statutes, or perhaps opening themselves up for civil suits? I know I wouldn't take any guff from someone on public lands. In Colorado, at the very least you could file a complaint with DORA, and see what happens from that?

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    I'm not sure of all the laws in the outfitter world but he can't guide on NF can he or can he lease NF to guide on. I got in a HUGE pissing match with an outfitter one time over some boundaries and marked trailhead that in his mind weren't real and he repeatedly said he couldn't guide of forest service so he wasn't allowing access through his stuff to get there. So if that's true and he can't access that deal then make sure HE isn't breaking the law as well. I dunno the whole access thing anymore just sucks, but if i were you and were confident about it......SEND IT BRO and have yourself a great time. Good luck! I'd probably take a super cub not some hang glider might be tough to get a elk out!
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