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    I recently scored a great deal on a NIB Howa Alpine Mountain Rifle in 7mm-08 or as i have seen called 7mm-HuntTalk or .284-HuntTalk. I have always been a fan of the Barnes TTSX Bullets and have had nothing but luck out of them. Does anyone know of any companies out there that load the 140 grn TTSX in 7mm-08? I found a company called double tap ammunition, but didn't know if anyone had any other suggestions? I mainly want to stick with a lead free bullet, so I'm open to other bullet manufacturers as well.

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    I don't know of too many that load the 140gr TTSX. You can get custom ammo from a handful of companies like Hendershots Ammo.

    I strongly suggest looking into reloading which should help in the long run

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    Why wouldn't you shoot the 120 grain TTSX?
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    I've used some double tap pistol ammo and had no issues with it. It is not cheap though. Hornady and Nosler both have 140gr lead-free, but I haven't had a chance to try them yet.

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    There is also 140 Gr. Nosler E-Tip ammo.
    Hornady GMX

    Get them all see what shoots well in your rifle.
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    My 7mm08HT Tikka really likes 120gn Barnes VORtex TTSX factory loads.

    I am not surprised that 140 gn 7mm08HT are not commonly available as I believe the standard recommendation for TTSX bullets is to go down in weight because (a) the added velocity helps with expansion; (b) because the bullet retains 95%+ of its weight you actually have more mass to drive penetration than a heavier bullet that sheds 20-40% of its mass at impact/expansion; and (c) it keeps the less dense bullet length down a bit.
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    My wife's 7HT puts those 120gr TTSX bullets into nice little dime sized groups. It should be the cats meow for deer and antelope. I'm still trying to decide whether to go 120 or 140 in mine.

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    When Federal closed out their 140TSX load I bought a boat load @ $15 a box. (Yeaa Me). May, or may not hunt with them, but I got the brass either way.

    Seriously though, if I were to hand load a mono, I'd go for the 120gr. Mono's thrive on speed. Use it to your advantage.
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