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    Hey all

    my hunting partner and I are looking for 2 more hunters to team up with on our Wyoming Mule deer hunt this year. We are driving from Northern NY and a couple extra folks to chip in for gas will be a big help . I know its really short notice but if anyone is interested in sharing a camp here is the info: We have applied for a general season tag for regions: F 1st choice, A 2nd choice , and X 3rd choice. We plan on leaving here Oct 29th and being in Wyoming from Oct 31st-Nov 5th. our plan is it truck camp and hike into our hunting area daily. Of course this is all contingent on us actually drawing a tag. send me a message and I can give you the group ID.

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    Hey what part of ny are you from I'm just south of Syracuse 30 minutes

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    I am from Norwood, in Saint Lawrence Co.

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    Southeastern PA here - can't make those dates but keep me in mind for future hunts. Looking for hunting partner/s to head west from this area and split expenses as well. Good luck to you.

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    What part of SE PA are you from? I am originally from the Lehigh Valley but live in Philly now. Mostly hunt NE PA. I am looking to do a trip west in 2019 preferably for elk but happy to turn it into a deer hunt. Do not have any one else committed to joining yet.

    Sorry for taking this thread off topic.

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    Rick - I'll shoot you a PM now

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    I’m just outside of buffalo here. Hoping to draw a tag in E.

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