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    I like Joe and Cam. Do I agree with everything they say, hell no. Does some of the stuff they say kind of bother me at times, ya.

    We all go through phases in our lives. Most people try to surround themselves with like minded people. I would say 80% of my life is like that. Recently I have gotten to know people that are really different than me and think very differently. I don't have to agree with their position but it interest the hell out of me to understand it and respect it. I also feel like it makes me more staunch on things I really do believe in and it I have more empathy for other things.

    I enjoy Joe's podcast for this.

    The number 1 thing I think I hate in the hunting community now is the internal fighting. I get it if a guy is being a turd, IE I am on a fan of the Motor City madman and I am 100% with calling dumb people out.

    With Joe and Cam they always talk about how hard bow hunting is. Can it be harder yup, are there times it is easier yup. It is way easier to kill a huge whitetail in Iowa with a bow than a gun based on the time of year you get to hunt. I am guessing there are some similarities with Elk during the rut.

    I get tired of guys saying if you don't backpack hunt the west your a pussy and you don't know how to hunt. Not true, maybe you don't have the means maybe it doesn't interest you. Its all different yet all the same. Enjoy what you like and let others enjoy what they like. Follow the dam rules and laws!

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    If you’re offended (Rogan) you’ve got thin skin. He’s funny - and his podcasts are great. Despite his peculiarities, I’m sure Hanes is a decent guy and good for hunters. Interesting though are his views of public land and needed balance of roads and development. As great hunting and lots of big bulls are found with all of that together where he’s been hunting in Colorado he says... (around 54 minutes in). Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t he hunting XL exclusive private property in CO, just like he does in Utah? Nothing like keeping it real.

    I saw he recently dodged an assault from a sword wielding geek on a recent jog while being filmed in slow motion by a bi-standing voyeur.
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