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    Awesome, congrats Fin!! Can't wait to see Michael lay down some top notch mediocre footage!
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    Quote Originally Posted by utahminer View Post
    They will mail you a tag.
    Just seemed a little slow compared to some other states. Thanks for the intel....

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    Quote Originally Posted by greatwhitebuffalo View Post
    Just seemed a little slow compared to some other states. Thanks for the intel....
    I can't remember the exact timing, but it takes a little while for them to arrive. My son drew a youth elk tag and still hasn't arrived.

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    Utah just posted the 2018 draw odds for each species. I was curious how I lucked out and drew a bison tag and somehow did not draw antelope. Link here -

    For many years now I have been the unlucky guy who does not draw a bonus tag while at max point for UT antelope. This year, of the 5 folks at max points, three applied, including me. I was the 1 of 3 who did not draw in the bonus round where 2 tags went to max point holders. Next year the other two guys might jump off the point wagon and apply. If so, I could still be without a tag next year if I am the 1 of 3 who again does not draw one of the 2 bonus tags. Odds are, I will be hunting pronghorn next year, but if not, surely in 2020.

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    But, every cloud has a silver lining. Since I did not draw pronghorn I was still in the running for the once-in-a-lifetime drawings, including bison. Here, the luck flipped my direction. I was the 1 of 3 at 19 points who drew the one bonus tag for archery bison on the Henry Mountains. I am not sure what to make of the guy who applied with 21 points and did not draw the bonus tag, unless he drew deer, elk, or antelope earlier in the draw and was thus removed from the OIL draws. Either way, I'm thankful to have another antelope point toward next year.

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    UT Antlerless results are out.

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    My Utah tag arrived in the mail Monday.

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