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    I'm rooting for you perch! I finally get to head west for the last 5 days of season, can't wait to get to the mountains.

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    Save a few for me, leaving Iowa in the am and heading out their so I’ll be hunting Wed. Afternoon or Thurs. at the latest 2 weeks of hunting then back to the dreaded W word. Sure wish I could find a job out their and get moved permanently.

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    Well here it goes ...
    Went back to the spot where the blood was and on my hands and knees crawled in the thick stuff until I found a large mess of hair scattered around . I still can't figure that out yet ..what happen that night ? No bear in sight ...Bush knocked down and ground tore up . Hmm we looked around the area for 5 1/2 hrs. Up and down and left and right . No Bear or any more sign . I'm just confused . My wife and I were sure he was laying in there . She is very Sad to say the least . 40 yard shot with a 300 ultra 200 gr.
    Never would believe it would be gone ...
    Time to think about it all now and what to do next ?
    Give up , punch the tag , or try again ?
    Thanks for following along.

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