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    Default 300 grain XTP vs Barnes TEZ

    Any one on here shoot the XTP? I will be mainly hunting whitetails and all shots will be 150 yards or less. I have seen plenty of pics for the TEZ expanding, but not much for the performance of the XTP. Plus side is the XTP is a lot cheaper.

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    The XTPs are a hard hitting bullet but suffer from jacket separation in today’s higher speed muzzleloader powders. I found them to fly great but played with other bullet combos over the last few years. I decided to go back and try the XTP Mags. I’m running them in both my muzzleloader and bushmaster.

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    3 shots with xtp over 100 grains of Bh 209 = 3 dead whitetail. Ranges from 50 to 110 yds. They do the job. All pass throughs with easy, short bloodtrail.

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    Use them for Mule deer over a couple of 50 grain pellets and they have been fantastic. Pretty accurate and devastating. Shoot a peep sight and great luck out to 125 yards. Feel good out to 150 but that's it, really starts to drop. At the range with no wind you can hit the steel out to 200 if things go right and you get it dialed in but just having fun. Up close they are brutal and drops them on the spot. Love them!

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    For whitetails either will probably work. The jacket on the hornady is pretty week. I use the 300gr Barnes expander on deer and it hits like a hammer.

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    I have shot a 325 grain Hornady ftx in a black harvester sabot with impressive results. And it a lot more aerodynamic.

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