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    Hi, I'll be in Alaska at the end of May flying into a river system for a black bear hunt. I already have good wading boots. I also bought some 440 denier stocking foot hip waders to wear under my rain pants. But after testing them I've decided I want stocking foot waist highs which I'll wear without the rain pants preferably. These need to stand up to lots and lots of walking through thick brush. To my understanding, breathable waders won't do that, at least in my price range. I'm eying a pair of 5mm neoprene. Will these be way too hot in 30-50 degree weather? I think canvass or even rubber might be ideal. But these seem to be hard to find, especially in the waist high stocking foot variety.

    Any suggestions?

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    I wouldn't wear the neoprene you'll sweat to much in those, breathable would be my pick. You may consider only wearing them when crossing streams and change out of them. A set of Healy Henson rain bibs may be the trick?

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    Neoprene will be by far the most durable but you will pay for it in sweat.... I spend over half of my summers in waders (as I'm a stream fish biologist) and the better way to go is breathable waders. Unfortunately for me, my profession does not allow me to use breathables but I would if I could. I have couple personal pairs I use for stream fishing and all I can say is you get what you pay for. I'm a big fan of simms but there are several options out there that should be suitable for you. Just bring to aquaseal.
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    I went ahead and got the breathable version. The ones I got actually seem more durable than the 5mm neoprene which seemed to increase the temp in the room as soon as I put them on. I will have to bring the aqualseal and maybe I'll put my rain pants (which are hh) over them for good measured. The reason I went with waders instead of knee highs in the first place is because I'll likely be moving along the river a lot and maybe visiting marshes. I don't think I'll be able to cross it without a snorkel but I'm sure I'll have to cross tributaries as well. With the hip waders I keep wanting to wade to my waist and I overflow them.

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