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    I'm a PA whitetail hunter who lives in a tree from Sept-Jan, but I'll be heading out West for the first time this fall. I was figuring on just wearing light wool socks, but I've seen a lot of specialized socks when I'm browsing higher end hunting clothing companies.

    Are specialized socks more hype and a nice-to-have, or do they really make that much of a difference? We plan on putting on the miles in SW MT, so I'm taking painstaking care in my boot selection and sizing all the while considering what will work for my week out West AND at least a few seasons back here in PA. The last thing I want is to be hampered by raw heels.

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    Don't neglect your feet! Wouldn't overthink it, just get a good merino sock that has some padding and fits well.

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    I prefer a merino blend, cushion sole. Change twice a day, recycle, repeat.
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    Try a few out and make sure you try them with the boots you’ll wear out there. I ended up using thinner merino wool socks than the normal regular wool socks I’m used to, and had to go a size smaller in boot to compensate. It’s been said a million times but it’s worth repeating, sore/hurt/cold/blistered feet will ruin a hunt quicker than anything else.

    I bought a few nice pair of socks thinking I would maintain them and only use them when hunting out west. Well, now I wear them almost daily whether hunting or working here in Michigan.

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    You dont need as heavy as sock as you prob use to, you gonna be moving typically. Keeping feet dry means no sweat also. Most (80+%) of my hunts i wear uninsulated boots with 1 pair of socks and feet usually dont get cold unless i cross river or somehow get them soaked. I do have a pair of boot blankets i use for long glassing days and they can be worth their weight in gold on cold nasty wet windy days that i probably should of just stayed home. Get some good wool socks!

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    Get a merino wool blend BUT the most important , more important than anything else are sock liners. I use REI polypro socks. They wick away moisture which causes blisters. Also allows for thinner socks because feet will stay warm. I just pack a few pair of liners and not have to change outer socks everyday. I use both REI smartwool socks and liners. I have not found better. Helps keep feet from smelling.

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    Get some Darn Tough socks. I’ve tried Lorpen and Wigwam, but they aren’t even close. Most comfortable socks I’ve ever worn and guaranteed for life.

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    As mentioned above, Merino wool socks. As also mentioned, alot of foot care above just good socks. I also tape the back of my heals. I can't remember the kind right now, but someone may chime in and name it.
    You'll catch yourself buying Merino everything before it's over, and then wearing it while in the stand in PA. I don't believe I have any cotton camo anymore after my first trip to MT.
    But now that I mentioned it, whatever you do, don't wear cotton pants/shirts when you go to MT either.
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    Like everyone has mentioned, merino are the standard. I look for ones with a little extra cushion in the sole and the ones that are knit to provide support at the arch. It doesn’t seem like a sock would provide much support but I can definitely feel the difference, especially in really rough terrain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hank4elk View Post
    What he stated. I often wear a nice pair of thin Merino's.

    good luck to all
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    Merino socks. I tried thin liners of all sorts and hated every one of them. Threw them all away. For my feet, a straight merino wool sock is by far the best. I've used Smartwool in the past but recently purchased some Darn Tough and like them much more.
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    I've had great luck with Fits brand socks.
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    I like a thicker sock that isn't going to slide at all in my boots and create hot spots. Kuiu actually has a great sock, darn tough and smart wool are good as well.

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    I have REI brand (light and med hikers) and Smartwool lights (as well as some off brand) merino wool socks. I first got them before my deployment to AFG as I knew I didn't want to be dealing with cotton blend socks(what was being issued at the time) in that heat. The REI lights and Smartwool both performed like champs. The REI s are a little softer and the Smartwools a little stouter. I am still wearing all of the pairs I got then and that was 6 years ago. They are just now starting to show mearsureable wear. The trade off between the 2 is that the REI socks are about half the price of the Smartwools.....I am happy with them both.
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    Darn Tough hands down
    Worn for years. Now wear them all year long

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    I wear pretty thick socks. My favorite is from LL Bean - heavy hiking socks. I find that my feet feel so much better after a day of hiking all over the mountain. I assumed it was from the additional cushion the thick socks provided.

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    Thanks for all the input! A lot to consider and try, but think I'm going to start with Darn Tough and Gore.

    There aren't really any easier answers out there when discussing this stuff, huh? Haha...

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