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  1. Default Anyone shooting Hornady Precision Hunter Ammo?

    I was wanting to work up some hand loads for my .338 for mule deer this fall but time for shooting and testing is limited. Thought of trying the Precision Hunter with the 230gr. ELD-X. Thoughts on this ammo? Im shooting over the counter Barnes now 225gr TTSX. It shoots pretty good so I don't necessarily need to change. I worry a little about expansion with the Barnes at lower velocities.

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    I'd just stick with the Barnes load if i were you.
    Your looking at a LOOONG ways away to get slow enough not to expand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by std7mag View Post
    I'd just stick with the Barnes load if i were you.
    Your looking at a LOOONG ways away to get slow enough not to expand.
    True I figure I'm good to 500 yards or so which is plenty far for me to be shooting at deer

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    I shoot 143 6.5 eldx and 212 eldx in 300 rum and i really like there performance

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    I shoot the 178 gr. ELD-X in my Bergara 30-06 and Howa 06 with great results.
    You can't get lost if you don't care where you are going.

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    I used 143 EldX this year on whitetail and it was one and done! Expanded perfectly and also very accurate.

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    Thanks guys. May be worth trying a box. Between the Barnes and Hornady it will probably come down to which is more accurate. I've had good bullet performance with the TTSX so far. Seems like just over an inch as far as accuracy which isn't too bad either

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    I agree, shoot whatever is most accurate. We killed about a half dozen deer on my farm with ELD-X bullets, nothing shot past 150 yards. All quick kills, some serious exit wounds on some of them.

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    I got a box of the precision hunter for my new 300 win mag to get on paper before load testing. I was unimpressed, poor groups out of my tikka and over a 4" point of impact shift when I changed over to reloads at 100 yards. If the barnes shoot well I would stick with those.

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    my 6.5 creedmore loves the 143 gr eld -x,,dropped antelope like a sack of rocks in 2016

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    My 338 Rum loves the 285 eldm's with a heavy shot of H-1000 !

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    I ran the 200 gr along with 2 other choices in my 300 win mag and it liked them best. It likes the 178 and 200 gr best in handloads too, both are .4" at 100. I have no info on game yet.

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