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  1. Default New guy from wyoming. , South Dakota fall river county whitetail questions

    Hey all new guy from wyoming, hunt elk , deer, antelope , turkey all over the west , mostly all backpack spike out diy ! Pretty much my life from Sept through Nov! Me and a buddy would like to hunt a whitetaIL finally ! Was looking at 27b fall river county just wondered if there's huntable whiteail numbers ? Don't need spots just wanna know if it's viable on public land / walkin areas not looking for a giant
    . Would be willing to help anyone with any wyoming elk deer antelope questions I could answer!!!

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    I'm an addict...archery, rifles, shotguns, handguns, muzzleloaders, hunting, fishing, fly fishing..and I don't want rehab

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    Welcome from Minnesota, Wish I could help ya out but don't know that area
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    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome. Good news is it looks like you have good odds of drawing the tag. My experience is to the north of there, but I would guess if you followed standard whitetail advice you would find plenty. Seems like all of our units hold both in the West. In fact, we are looking at 27b for this fall as well.

    I have to ask why you would hunt SD instead of a leftover WY whitetail tag?

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    Welcome from Iowa

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    Thanks for the input , I could get a leftover here cheap but 99% of whitetail river bottom country here is private, other than sundance /hullet blackhills. I have a hard time passing up nice mulies on a general tag here to go hunt up there ..and it would be somwere new to hunt and explore is all to hhaha .

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    I gotcha. New places are fun. If you decide to apply and stick around we can talk more later.

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    Ohh I'm definatley applying,and this site is great I doubt I leave I'll owe somone some wyoming advice if they need it !, do you think there's Maybe more whites up north in butte County or harding ? Just trying to have a decent chance to fill a tag.. like I said don't need a monster.

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    Welcome from Pa !

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    I would look at This will tell you as a non resident the tags you could draw with the points you have. This year the gfp started cubing points. Will affect the outcome somewhat. The Black Hills are your best bet for a whitetail in South Dakota. Roughly 85% with two years of preference. I am not sure on prairie tags for nr. If you do draw west river let me know and I can help out with what I know about the area.

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    Ya, all the West River units hold whitetails. Study the draw odds Rcfireninja posted to figure out where you can draw. Pay attention to total number of tags to avoid a circus. When a unit sells out of resident whitetail tags it isn't because people like to give their money away.

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    Thanks guys , looks like my best chance to draw is 27b fall river county, 35c harding Co, and maybe 15a butte Co. They all look to have plenty of public and walk in , will those Prarie whites really live out were there's 0 trees see a lot of little creeks and water on the onx maps just not many trees ! Like mulie country ... maybe I'm just over thinking it .

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    You're overthinking it. When 300 resident tags sell out there is a reason.

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    Haha ok thanks ! Looks like I'll try to draw wich looks like I should but never know! And try to go kill a big old beautiful Prarie whitetail! So awsome rifle season is in the heat of the Rut to !

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    Thanks all , did research all evening , figured out were I wanna put in for ! The south dakota game and parks website is simply one of the best just gotta dig into it . Anyone needs wyoming , elk, deer , lope advice just get ahold of me thanks again !

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    welcome from PA

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    Welcome to the forum, from a fellow Wyomingite.

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