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    Default Don't leave your carcasses in the campground

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    I took my daughter fishing yesterday at Willow Ponds near Battle Mountain, NV.

    It is a piece of private property owned by the Newmont Gold Mine. It is maintained in cooperation with BLM, Lander County, NDOW and Newmont.

    There have been a lot of improvements over the years, which include pit toilets, fire rings, tables, and trash cans. The daily maintenance is handled by the mine employees.

    It's a nice place to camp with the family for the weekend and do some fishing. It is also in a nice deer area.

    It seems that every time I go there, I see more rules, and first saw this one yesterday posted here.

    Please, if you want to keep these places open, don't dump your deer carcasses in the campground! This is just stupid and the same people will bitch if it gets shut down and wonder "why."

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    People that leave garbage and animal carcasses at their campsite are complete morons. It's always a few slobs that ruin places for everyone.

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    Agreed. Folks don't seem to get the concept of pack-it-in and pack-it-out and that this is "everyone's" place to be used by others as well as yourself. The few times a year I actually use an "official" campground, I always enjoy finding the soiled baby diaper in the bushes or piles of half-burned plastic in the fire-ring. One of the reasons I usually pack extra garbage bags. I tend to pick up all the garbage I can see each time. Frustrating........
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    I had this happen for the first time in Wyoming this year. I normally don't camp in a campground area, but couldn't get my travel trailer where I wanted so we stayed in a campground and had to drive to where we wanted each morning.

    Met some nice friendly folks who were camping next to us. Older gentleman and probably mid 20's son. They both shot deer early in the week and left and when they were gone there are 2 carcasses laying there right in their campsite.

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    Terrible I have packed so much garbage out that wasn't mine. People are ridiculous as a matter of fact last week I was fishing and the spot I parked someone was nice enough to let me park there and walk down across private land. Side of the road was littered with beer cans and liquor bottles thrown out. I ended up throwing it all in my truck.
    The slobs doing this are probably never gonna read this thread. But if so clean up your crap. It bugs the cra p out of me and half the time a trash can is seriously 20ft away.

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    I live where I can hike from my door and hit some BLM land. There is a public trailhead not for from where I access it. It is pretty disheartening what I or my dog find near that trail head. Dead pets, garbage, carcasses, etc....I usually take a bag with be about once a week and clean up after people.

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    I am continually amazed that the people who want to get out and enjoy the outdoors leave it like this. SO annoying. We used to go to a hot springs on private land that the owners generously let the public use. Every time we went we hauled out garbage and often diapers. They closed it to the public last year and I'm sure that's why. I can't blame them either. ARGH!

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    It's sad that they have to do that, but I'm not one bit surprised, and also surprised that there are still places to camp with so many idiots abusing them. And, I wouldn't be surprised if the pit toilet that you mentioned doesn't have a sign beside it asking everyone to remember to wipe their @ss. A large majority of people are morons and care for no one but themselves.
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    Here's you sign! Sad that is needed to be said.
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    FS is even closing rest stops & pit toilets here after covering sites with signs..............and the mess piles.
    I am sooooooo glad I retired.

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    Yea public lands around me are more and more abused every year with littering and just a general lack of respect. The sad thing is, a lot of times it is other sportsmen doing this. You should see all the trash from people ice fishing on our lakes this time of year. Disgusting

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    The slobs that do things like this think they are *entitled* to.
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    I stay away as much as possible from public type camp locations now days.

    Mutual respect used to be a key factor and made public campgrounds enjoyable... A good meet & greet setting with mutual interests. We would join or have others join our own fire in the evening...

    Now? No... Biggest lack of respect probably generators that run throughout the night. Garbage left, a tight #2. Destroyed / dumped junk in the public restroom...

    It is pretty darn sad. Was a great place for kids to ride a bicycle around the camp roads... Now? Boisterous drunks, heck, I could go on and on though I would imagine most here have run into this crap as well.

    Leaving a carcass(es) is along this same casual disrespect... Just sad. May Creek campground, as an example, down Big Hole area was a great place... now? Not a chance in hell.
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    Unfortunately, this is not just in camp grounds. I did pick up a few beer cans while fishing and throw them in the trash.

    A couple years ago my wife and I were elk hunting near Spruce Mountain. We were about 1/4 mile away from a guzzler on a little point. I can across a beer can up there! WTF? I thought.

    I am not sure what causes this. I was always taught leave no trace, leave it better than you found it. Don't gut a deer right next to the road.

    I am not a big fan of campground camping for a lot of those reasons, however, this was a day trip and one of the better opportunities for my three year old to catch fish easily, so it just makes sense.

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    Sad that a sign has to be posted. I would have thought "hunters" would know better.

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    Default I'm sure the people on this forum use these methods. This would be a good link for someone getting started.

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    Sad to see that sign. If ND posted that sign, I would not be able to read it due to all of the bullet holes.

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