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    I guess it wouldn't hurt to try for CO since it won't cost you much out-of-pocket, but odds are you will never draw. I think WY and MT are not worth it unless you already have a bunch of points, even then it's questionable. As others have mentioned, in the lower 48 ID is probably your best bet, but you will be out ~$160/year just to be in the drawing. The 10% statewide quota does make it hard to figure odds if you look at the raw data. has the draw odds for ID moose and they claim to account for the quota. If you choose right you should be able to draw a tag in 10 years or so, hopefully sooner.
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    I've been dreaming of a moose hunt one day and this thread definitely reiterates my thoughts of going to Canada. If anyone on this thread knows a good outfitter I'd appreciate it if you PM'd me

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    I used showwalters fly in resorts....really nice guy, great service. I saw ZERO moose in 6 days, lol. That's hunting I guess.

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    I would take the advice of the guys on here and look to Canada. It's sad that with our PP system you probably would never draw a Wyoming tag but we do have random tags drawn every year so there is a chance if you apply.
    As residents we have been very lucky in drawing 3 moose tags between the 2 of us and spouse should draw one in next year or two. We play the points and look to areas that we can draw instead of just applying for the best areas.
    I've heard lots of good things about hunts in Canada and some not so good things also. Do your homework hunting up there. At least if you ever draw a moose tag in Wyoming , Colorado or, it sounds like, Idaho you would not need an outfitter. DIY is very rewarding on animals the size of moose.
    Those are very nice bow harvests, congrats !!

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