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    Default Idaho round 2

    Last year was my first time in Idaho and canít help but go back. Hoping this year brings as much fun and success as last year. Heading into the salmon zone this year, really starting to enjoy learning new areas every year and realizing Elk are Elk no matter where they live. Couple pics from last year.
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    I'd say that would warrant a return trip! Congrats!

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    I haven't tried Idaho yet, it's beautiful country . You had a great trip I see !! It's all hard work no matter where you hunt. I just might have make a trip with my Son one day he is starting to enjoy hunting more now.
    Best of luck to you this Fall .

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    Very nicely done. Idaho has a lot to offer; including steep!

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    congrats. Sure is beautiful country!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1_pointer View Post
    Very nicely done. Idaho has a lot to offer; including steep!
    You arenít kidding , even the flat stuff is a %8 grade. Takes a minute to accept that there is no direction to go that you donít gain or lose elevation. Beautiful the whole way through.

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    Congrats on a great year! Yes Sir, "Elk are Elk no matter where they live" Very well put!


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    great state of Idaho....


    Congrats, Idaho is a special place too hunt.....
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    Counting down the days til I'm back. Already bought the plane tickets. At first I thought the snow this past September bad, but it helped me get on the elk and it was better than rain for 6 straight days!

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    You did have a good hunt!!!

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    Awesome pics! Ill be heading to Idaho as well this year. It will be my first archery elk hunt, and I cant wait! hoping to be able to hunt for about a week. I am heading to the Pioneer zones. Any advice would be great. good luck this year.

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    See ya there in mid oct! Tags came couple weeks ago...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccc23454 View Post
    See ya there in mid oct! Tags came couple weeks ago...
    Definitely, I’ll be there the 10th- 24th .

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    Looks like you had a great time! Enjoy this years hunt!
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