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Thread: Which Pants?

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    Default Which Pants?

    I have a pair of cabelas waterfowl pants (nylon exterior with gore Tex lining) and also a pair of Duluth trading company black hills pants (nylon water resistant)?

    I plan on hunting late October and will be using a thermal layer as well.

    Iím just curious if there is a pro/con with the Gore Tex pants? Anyone use gore Tex pants for late October in MT?

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    Not sure what your hunting, but I’d check for the noise factor.
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    If your worried about keeping warm Sitka timberlines are the best I've found.

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    I'd lean towards what will make less noise.... I'm a big fan of duluth trading so id lean that way. You could just bring both
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    Thanks for the input.

    It will be a rifle elk hunt.

    Both are pretty quick. The Black Hills pants from Duluth Trading are great and are more comfortable so that is probably be what I use.

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    I'd also suggest the Duluth pants and take the others in case of wet weather. Unless it's very cold, I'd be a sweat soaked mess trying to hike around in waterproof britches.

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    Kuiu guide pants!! Nice and warm. But have side zip vents you can open when moving to dump heat/moisture. The fabric on the outside sheds snow so good you don't need gaiters. Spendy---yes but worth it

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    Well, I’ll go with the Duluth pants and bring the others just in case.

    Thank you for the help.

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