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    I would choose a range finder for sure every time. I have been on several hunts without a spotter and made it through just fine. I can see how it would be helpful on judging trophy potential though. I wouldnt want to go without the rangefinder though. Most of my hunts were archery hunts and it is especially important then. I have a leica and recommend them but they are spendy. I think a sig sounds like a good recommendation too. Just make sure the aim point and distance readout have light features. I especially like a red display. Low light conditions can make black display hard to read.

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    Ya, Randy Newberg seems to range and dial for almost every shot he takes. Good enough for me.

    A few years ago I passed on a shot because I was not prepared well enough via equipment and practice. I vowed to never let that happen again. Fine line between a cool story/miss/wounded animal/buck of a lifetime.

    Add in dawn-dusk, elevation change, and needing to maintain a low profile, I believe a rangefinder attached to a bino harness is money well spent. That said, I am attempting to become an archery hunter, so I don't go to the mailbox without one.

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