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    Question Backpack Hunt POW 2019

    Drew the the POW tag for 2019, I'm looking to do fly in backpack hunt for a week with an inflatable. Was wondering if anyone here had any recommendations about air carriers out of Ketchikan. Also would you recommend flying with your own boat or trying to rent... I remember Big Fin had some issues with TSA a few years back.

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    No help for you, but I'll be watching this thread closely. For my hunt up there, I'm thinking rent a truck and hunt the logging roads, camping wherever I stop at the end of the day. I may change my mind several times between now and then though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LCH View Post
    No help for you, but I'll be watching this thread closely. For my hunt up there, I'm thinking rent a truck and hunt the logging roads, camping wherever I stop at the end of the day. I may change my mind several times between now and then though.
    I considered this, but I have hunted closed roads in MT and ID and want to do something different.

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    All planes depart the waterfront in Ketchikan ... flying RT into various bays on the Island can be expensive. Also when you fly into a spot you are kinda stuck in that spot. You are not going on any high seas adventures with an inflatable and small outboard. Even getting around in a larger bay system can be tough during weather.

    The better plan IMHO is using the road system. the road systems gives more options. You can hike into a remote bay from the road system if your looking for remoteness. Getting to the most remote spot on the Island is not necessarily going to produce more or bigger bears.

    Since the draw came online and with such few tags drawn and over 2000 sq miles to spread out in there is not much infield competition.

    But going remote, with an inflatable, is one of the ways to get it done. It just takes lots of logistics planning and the right gear.

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    Would it be cheaper to have someone drop you off via boat? Honestly I'm totally fine with eating my tag or shooting an average bear, I'm more into the experience and have zero desire to spend any amount of time in a truck.

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    It has been about 10 years (before permits) since I have done this hunt.... but when we did it, we rented a cabin in town, a suburban and a boat. We had good luck finding bears from the boat, both cruising the beaches at low tide, and posting up on likely looking grass flats at the heads of bays. This doesn't have to be a hardcore "wilderness" type hunt to be successful, but you can sure make it that way if you want.

    There were lot's of rental places right on POW for regular boats.... not sure about inflatables, but it would likely be cheaper to either fly to POW on a regularly scheduled flight or take the ferry, and then use the road system to get close to where you want to go....put the boat (inflatable or otherwise) in at any of many access points and then use the boat to get to your preferred camping / hunting area.

    Keep an eye on what is private and what is public though.....

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    Actually a vessel charter is usually more than an air charter. Also the vessel must be licensed as a 'Transporter' by guide law, to take hunters in / out of the field and transport their game. Air charters are exempt from that law.

    Elkwisper has some good info ... but there aren't the rentals any more on POW like there was. One of the reasons for the draw was the illeagle stuff that was going on via the B&B and rental (and fishing charters) guys.

    The private land he is referring to is the Native Corp lands which are basically no-trespass. There is plenty of USFS lands to hunt on.

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    I would second the getting to POW and then finding a skiff to rent. Just make sure that you have plenty of gas for the boat ride. You can get to some great places with a small boat. There are some forest service cabins on POW that would give you a real adventure.

    good luck to all
    the dog
    "it's the HUNT, not the KILL"

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    I'll PM you with a couple of recommendations.

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    Look at Hollis Adventure Rentals. A truck and a skiff would be the most fun if you have some boat savvy. Plenty of places to launch on the road system.

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    Thanks Gut Shot! I got everything booked and squared away for 2019.

    Have another question for everyone, I'm going to be essentially backpack camping with an inflatable boat with a 9hp or so motor... I would love to try my hand at some fishing... I completely and utterly suck at fishing to be clear, any advice for what I should go for in early may? Are Kings a possibility or should I just stick to steelheads and rainbows? Are there going to be Kokanee? I'm thinking a rubber boat and rock fish/halibut is just a recipe for disaster.

    Please modulate advice for your 10-13 year old, that's about where I'm at...

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    What kind of boat are you talking about? I don't think I would want to be too far off shore with a 9hp but it's doable. We are going May 15 for about 9 days. Hoping to see some kings but will probably go for the trout and steelhead if we get our bears with a few days left.

    What dates did you set on and where generally are you going to be on the island?

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    Something like this, I would imagine I will be keeping decently close to shore. I'm going May 11-16 and south west portion of the island.

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    Bring a crab trap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gut Shot View Post
    Bring a crab trap.
    Check the regs first. In many places in AK crabbing is restricted to residents.

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    Be sure to pick up a tide chart when you go. Tides can be as high as 17' if memory serves.

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