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    Hi Guys, An old hunting Buddy moved back to a town nearby but i don't get over there often so hadn't stopped in to see "what's up" until this afternoon. 3-4 years had gone by since last we saw each other, we had some stories to swap, those are good times.

    A couple months ago i did a road trip to my home town for a couple weeks mostly visiting Family in the camper truck. Three days were spent with a guy i met in the first grade, a guy i grew up around, we got to go by ourselves yearly, hunted bucks and fished trout horseback out of a old cabin long before we were old enough to drive. We double dated, backed each other when some might run, we were tight buds but i hadn't happened to see the boy for over ten years.

    Last weekend, the Bud who i went to Wy with just this year and the past two times, and been hunting with from our high school days, road tripped for a two day visit to do his best, help with my boasted claims of needed thinning, over population of trout in our local lake.

    Nothing like Good Friends getting together. Many years may have gone by but the conversations never seem to miss a beat. I lost three Very Good Friends these last few months, all great guys to share the outdoors with, we were connected. Get ahold of a old hunting Buddy that you haven't talked to for awhile or maybe a long time. It's effort well spent, you probably won't regret doing so.

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    Very good reminder! Glad you were able to catch up with some old friends.

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