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    We are starting to plan a 2019 Caribou hunt and would like to hunt the fortymile herd. It seems like 40 mile air is almost impossible to book as a new customer. I was wondering if anyone has experience with any other air service that you would recommend? We have been chatting with Tok Air Service and they seem to have a good operation but I was hoping to hear from some people who have experience with them. They are quite a bit more expensive. Are they worth the additional cost?

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    Hunted with tok air service this fall. great hunt , zak will get you into caribou, he is scouting all season long . everyone was filling up early.

    pm if you want more info

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    Thanks Todd! PM sent


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    It is looking like I have finally got my wife to commit to 2019 to hunt caribou. It is near the top of her dream hunts so she wouldn't let me caribou hunt without her, but was unable to the last couple years. I have also been looking at hunting the 40 mile herd, but am not set on it. And as you said Elkish it looks like it is impossible to get in with 40 mile air without hunting with a prior customer. I have not spoke to Tok Air Service, but have seen a few places that their prices have increased within the last few years.

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