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    Can someone help me understand how the Idaho Fish and Game decide which units will have Non resident moose tags? Looking at the odds on Gohunt, it looks like there is some years a Non resident tag is given on a unit and not on other years. I know Non residents can only get up to 10% but some units have less than 10 tags but there was still a non resident tag given. Can anyone explain?

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    This is what I understand...

    NR can get up to 10%...So once 10% is taken, there are no more tags. The units do not matter as much as the 10%.

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    Yes, up to 10%. If the unit has less than 10 tags NR can possibly draw one of those tags.
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    This is how I understand it. Lets say there are 10 tags available in a given unit. That means no more than 1 tag (10%) can go to a non resident. However, if 10 residents are drawn before a nonres is drawn, none will go to nonresidents. On the other hand, if the first tag drawn goes to a nonres, no more non residents will be drawn and the remaining 9 tags will go to residents. Hope this makes sense!

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    Yes, is a fool's game to look at the odds for a sub-unit. Add up all the NR bull tags awarded and divide by all the bull tags awards (Res+NR) and perhaps is 7% rather than the potential 10%. Next divide the NR bull tags awarded and divide by the NR bull applications and perhaps is 12%. So, you have around a 12% chance to draw a bull tag as a NR. Good luck.

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    Thanks for the help. LopeHunter, That makes sense I was kind of thinking it was a total number of tags.

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    Yeah... Idaho draw odds can get complicated. So from my understanding it's 10% of the total tags and 10% of the tags per unit. Sounds complicated I know. But think of it this way. If there are 10 tags in a unit a non-res can draw 1. If there are less than 10 tags per unit a nonresident can still draw but if there are only 60 tags total for all the units statewide nonresidents can only draw 6 of the tags for the whole state. That's why nonresidents will draw sheep tags in units with 1 or 2 tags. But never more than 10% of total tags. Make sense? It kind of makes sense as the fish and game guy tried to explain it. But at the end even he said, "I think that's how it works". Ma and Pa Kettle probably have a better grasp of how Idaho figures Draw/Harvest odds than anyone else.

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