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    Spoke for a chocolate lab pup the other day. Should get him around April 1. Then on to training him all spring and summer. Hoping to get him in the blind with me a bit this fall to retrieve some waterfowl. I'm pretty excited!!

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    Fun times.

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    Got a yellow lab puppy in early December, it has been fun and exhausting. The old dog just turned 12 and her physical decline was very apparent this last duck season. So it was time to get a new dog for next season, I'm getting too old to hunt without one. Really interesting to see the stark differences in the personalities of these two, the old dog has a very mellow personality and was even that way as a puppy. The new puppy is totally different, a real "alpha-dog". She already pushes the old dog around, and the cat, and barks when she doesn't get her way. Training is going OK, keeping it simple, but I suspect she will be a handful as things get more serious.

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    Good times ahead and good luck!

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    Came home Sat @ 8weeks old...Same boat here jrabq...I can already tell we will be butting heads come training this summer. LOL

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