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    Just throwing this one out there. Anyone ever have a bow that was a lemon. I have a bow and when it's on its on but it always seems to come out of tune. I've changed strings have a nice set of 60x on there and still it gets funky from time to time. To top it off my limb just cracked so maybe it was a limb issue the whole time but I'm currently contemplating keeping the bow after it gets fixed or selling/trading it and getting a new one. Lets here some Huntalker input

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    Have you contacted the manufacturer?

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    No I have not I'm bringing it in to the dealer to get everything ordered (it should all be under warranty) Happened to me yesterday morning this is a super buy time for me so I haven't been able to make it to the dealer yet

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    Get new limbs, that sounds like your issue. See if that solves the problem. If it does and you like the bow keep it.
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    New Limbs and a cam on the way full warranty we'll see how it feel when I get it back all set up again

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