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    My dad and I drew DL030 (Kupreanof Island) spring bear tags this year and I'm doing my research. We reserved a boat in Petersburg and a USFS cabin on the North end of the island. I'm trying to identify shoreline areas where bear are more likely to be but other than topography, Google Earth and OnX Maps don't show me what I'm looking for. I found a great site with helicopter flyby of the shoreline. I expected to see more green vegetation, but no matter where I look I can't seem to find it.

    We are coming from Michigan so we are stuck internet scouting and talking to locals and biologists. What do you guys look for when scouting for bears remotely?

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    I’ve been in that country once to hunt bears, so I don’t qualify as an expert, but here’s what I learned:
    1) You need to get off the main channels and explore the sheltered bays and quiet coves that don’t get much boat traffic. I saw few bears near big, open water. When we turned back down into the hidden inlets and bays, we found bears.
    2) You need to find areas with green grass. Those bears will linger in the deep green grass. If the shoreline is all rocks, I wouldn’t slow down too much.
    3) Afternoon is best. Morning hunts weren’t too productive, but after about 2pm, bears start popping up on the shorelines.

    I don’t know if that helps you much on your e-scouting but you should be able to find those out-the-way bays on Google Earth.

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    I live in Petersburg and I think you would be much better off hunting the south end. Much better shoreline and a whole lot more of it. If you hunt Duncan Canal there is an incredible amount of shoreline since you can hunt both sides of a very long semi narrow canal. If you go that route you'll want to stay at either Beacher Pass cabin or Breiland Slough cabin since the Castle River cabins and Salt Chuck cabins are only accessible on high tides. Happy hunting

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    I also drew this tag. Maybe we will run into each other.

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