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  1. Default Reloading TC Venture 7mag

    Just loaded some 150 ELD-X to see what my rifle will do. Also loaded some 139 Hornady Interloc that I got with my Hornady Dies. Using Fed215m Primers, H1000 powder for 150g bullets and IMR4350 for 139g bullets

    I picked up some 162 ELD X today and some new Winchester Brass for reloading. Hopefully these will shoot good in my rifle would like to use them on elk.

    My question is anyone shoot and load for TC Venture 7mag? I've looked online and haven't seen much on them other than they are very accurate for a "cheap" rifle.

    Just rambling for now hopefully shoot this weekend.

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    I don't load for that model. But it will probably like pills 160 and under with its 1:10 twist. Mine likes H4831sc with the 160 grain bullets. H1000 will probably not work as good with the lighter ones. Good luck.

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    Should be good to go for all those bullets. H1000 should treat you well for the heavier bullets. I didn't have luck with IMR4350 in light bullet but each rifle plays differently. Reloader 22 & 23 or IMR8133 would be high on my test powders too. 8133 is new powder but looks very promising.

    You may find that having that multiple bullets and powders for different uses unnecessary once you find the right combination. Though as I look at my reloading room it's obvious I don't practice what I preach

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    I'm having good groups in a rem. 700 7mm mag,with ELD-X 162gr using 66gr. Reloader 23 and a coal of 3.433 .
    This is a warm one so start out lower and move up slowly.
    Getting 3,172fps and 1/2 inch at the hundred.
    Good luck loading and have fun shooting.

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    Millwork how far are you from the lands? I'm at 3.38" which puts me .o30 away from my lands.

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    I use RL26 for 150gr and up bullets.

    For the 139/140 gr bullets the 4831, RL 19, RL22, RL23 get the nod.

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    I'm .028 from the lands. I'm using win mag primers too I should add.
    That over all length is chamber and rifle magazine length specific ,but I think what I am using is not too long for most guns.

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    3.38" barely fits in my mag. I was looking at my mag and it looks like I could take a round file and maybe get a little more room for longer bullets though.

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    That COAL is for that rifle. Load up what works for your rifle.

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    It does need to fit your mag box to cycle. Some rifles will limit the over all legth more than others.
    The Remington has a pretty spacious mag area. My Winchester m70 was easy to modify for lots of extra space. Sometimes it's not possible to do much about it and you have to just make do with what you have.

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    I'll work with what fits in my mag but if I end up where I need a little more room I'm my mag I might look into the file and getting more room in mag. Right now ill start with whats recommended in my loading manual.

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    Put together a ladder test. Shorten the OAL to 3.79" to make sure they can load in my mag.

    162 ELD X
    Fed215m Primers
    67-70g H1000
    Winchester Brass

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    I think you fat fingered.


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    3.79 does sound a little long..ha,ha,....
    I seem to type something entirely different than what I want alot. I blame most of it on auto correct, but it's more likely me and my poor broken up hands and crooked fingers.
    Maybe it's 3.079?

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    3.79 does sound a little long..ha,ha,....
    I seem to type something entirely different than what I want alot. I blame most of it on auto correct, but it's more likely me and my poor broken up hands and crooked fingers.
    Maybe it's 3.079?
    How are they shooting River Rat?

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    Yeah I'm betting your right should be 3.079" ill check when I get home from work.

    After I thought about the ladder test I decided I needed too stiffen up the forearm and bed the action first. So I'm in the process of accurizing the stock before I shoot my reloads.

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    Good idea. I do that to any of mine that I think it's needed or possible to do that way. I glass bed all the actions regardless .

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    Quick update, I used vinyl concrete mix to strengthen the forearm then I bedded the barrel in the barrel channel. I added thick packaging tape to barrel to help with gap.

    Now I need to bed the action, recoil lug, and 1" forward from recoil lug and ill be set. I should have a gap of 3 wraps of electrical tape that gives the barrel a good free float.

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    That will probably add a little weight to the rig too. I for one like a little extra weight in a magnum.

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    In the past when I would stiffen up the fore arms of the cheap plastic stocks, I would add a rod of some kind in the fore arm. Take the gun out this summer fire a couple rounds and see if the air temps and barrel temps effect the stock. You should be fine, but I have seen some deflect more.

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    Before I'm done ill probably get a boyds stock for my rifle. This is practice since I haven't done this much. Thanks for comments guys.

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    Finally got out to shoot today. With it being 7 it was tough to shoot when its this cold. After shooting today I felt I need a better rest and plan on getting shooting bags.

    With that said here's my best groups with the 150 ELD-X bullets out of my TC Venture 7mag.

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