I grew up hunting with dogs but it was nothing like that. I agree that if you haven't hunted the thick woods of the South, you shouldn't judge. I could seldom see further than 75 yards unless I was on a highline which I hated. On a highline you could see 300 yards but it was 20 yards wide and generally a deer trotted across and it was difficult to get a shot. There is no such thing as stalk. There was sit on a stand still hunting or sit on a stand with dogs.

Now, again it was quite different than the video. Everyone was in a known stand and didn't move until an all clear was blown or agreed time for safety purposes. Only people walking around were guys running the dogs and they had way more hunter orange than law required. No radio trackers. No communicating between hunters. We seldom killed the deer that was being run by the dogs and used beagles to keep it from running too fast. Mostly, we were trying to get the deer up and moving during daylight hours.

I've made one Western hunt so far - javelina - and loved it. I have my first elk hunt this fall with a cow tag. I think I will prefer Western hunting but I won't judge other styles.

To the OP, I would be careful using a drone for filming while hunting. That's a no no in AZ and I bet it is in other states as well. The line between filming for YouTube and using an artificial aid for hunting is not something I want to be arguing before a judge.