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    Default 2018 Wyoming Elk App video, Part 1

    Every year we do these videos about applying in the western states. When we sort emails and questions from viewers, a large number are about applications. Many folks don't live in a state with the elaborate point schemes the western states have developed. Those of us who have been doing it for decades or who live in states with point systems find it to be self-explanatory.

    In these videos you see a lot of goHUNT stuff, as that has become my "go to" source for a lot of instructional information. I subscribe to a lot of services and website to see what they are recommending and places they are sending people. I find that none of them currently provide the good information that goHUNT provides.

    A ton of people email and ask us for units. We refuse to give that. We think a big part of the "on your own" endeavor is doing your own research. Hopefully these videos and these tools give viewers the resources to do their own research.

    Wyoming Elk, Part 1 of 2 is below:

    Part 2 is later next week, followed by Arizona, Utah, Montana, ..........
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    Thanks Randy! Excellent info for people like me who are still learning about the points schemes.

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