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    I am thinking of applying for a Type 9 archery only elk tag for Wyoming Unit 51 before deadline in a few weeks. As a non-resident, I would be limited to hunting the areas that are not designated as wilderness areas. Unit looks good on Google Earth and On X hunt maps with lots of public land outside wilderness areas. Thinking of camping on Forest near road and hiking in each day to elk feeding areas. Anyone hunt Unit 51 in past few years and if so, did you see any elk? Thanks.

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    I hunted there on a type-2 rifle tag last October. The area has plenty of land outside the wilderness.
    Unfortunately for me I wasn't able to see elk in my part of the unit. Saw great bulls just outside my hunt area in adjoining units.
    That area seems to be very weather dependent for elk numbers. But there is a small resident herd of elk there.

    From what I was told the archery season this past year had more elk there than in the past. But if no snow is in the high country in September, then the elk will be in the wilderness part of the unit.
    If you do draw this unit, I'm happy to give any information I can.
    You are welcome to PM me.

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    I've hunted the area for deer before, if you're going to be camping be cautious because grizzly bears frequent the area. Luckily we didn't run into any but saw plenty of sign

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