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    I've been in Oklahoma for a little while now, after moving from Hawai'i. I'm REALLY enjoying hunting whitetail with rifle and archery! Does anybody have any knowledge on local draw odds for the state? All I find is that drawing is closed at the moment. I'm not expecting to hunt Elk in the Wichita's (it would be awesome though), but are there decent draw odds out their for deer or antelope, or anything else for that matter? I've heard about traditional bow hunts in McCurtain. Thanks for any info and I'm glad to call this place Home!

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    If you google (odwc controlled hunts) it will take you to the ODWC website steps for applying if you click step 5 it will give you a list of last years hunt selections they usually don't change much from one year to the next. This years application process won't start until April. All elk and antelope hunts will be low odds but for every year you don't draw you get a bonus point. I was lucky enough to draw a doe antelope tag for cimmaron county this year it was my seventh year of applying so my name was put into the draw seven times so your odds get better every year but it's never a guarantee. There are only 4 antelope hunt selections and 5 elk all with very high demand so it could be a very long wait for one of those tags. Deer is a different story there are far more selections some with decently high odds others with very low if you go to the ODWC website you can find a breakdown of how many tags there are for each hunt and how many people put in for each hunt and from that you can get the odds. As for the traditional hunt you mentioned it's not McCurtain but the McCalister army ammunition plant hunt it's only open to traditional archery equipment but there are decent draw odds and some giant deer definitely worth putting in for if your a traditional archer. If you have any more questions feel free to shoot me a pm.

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    Thanks WildWill, I definitely appreciate all of the information! I just needed some direction as what I should do. I'll certainly put in for a few to at least get some preference points. Good luck on your future hunts!

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    Hey WildWill, I drew for McAlester Hominy area. Have you hunted there and do you have any tips or suggestions?

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    I've hunted hominy twice my dad's hunted 5-6 times. I answered a few general questions on your post on the deer thread. I'll pm you with some specifics in a day or 2. In the early 2000s my dad shot a 160 in 11 point that had a 10 inch drop tine. I'll have him send a pic and post it up. Don't over think it that whole area is great hunting.

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    That sounds great, thanks WildWill! This will be my second season hunting and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s great being outdoors and having some great meat in the freezer. I just want to be prepared and set up for success.

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