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    Default We have 6 points for WY

    A couple of us have 6 points to use this year for Pronghorn in WY. It may be my only trip I make to WY and all of our first time. Looking for thoughts on unit options. We are NOT looking for a trophy unit just one with lots of goats to look at. We are driving up out of Denver so the more southern the better. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Look down the page a bit as I asked the same question.

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    If you draw a unit that takes 6 pts to guarantee to draw, you will see more antelope than you ever have before. We burned 7 last year for a unit that took 7 to draw and we save hundreds of bucks I would of shot hunting the 0-1 pt units. We ended up killing 2 really good goats after 5 days of looking over unit herd. The hunt planner on Wyoming website is easy to find the PP it takes to guarantee to draw. Check a few of the units in center of state, you will find one that will take 6 to guarantee to draw.

    Good luck, you will have a blast.


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    Go onto the G&F site and check the draw odds section for the units that should be a gimme with your point totals for this coming season that took 5 or <5 last year. Write them down and then do like the other member stated and go into the hunt planner and look at each one by inputting it and then clicking on the pdf icon at the top right and it will redo the map to show the public land in that unit. Do that with each one and narrow it down to 2 or 3 and then do a final check by googling the county the unit is in to see what county roads are legal to drive on that access the public land.
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    Here is a place to start.

    Start here and pick the units based on your points you have.

    Then start here and look for public land available for each of those unit.

    Also look here, no 2017 info yet.

    Hope this helps you start the adventure.

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    MN Public Hunter----Your first two links in your post #5 are dead!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topgun 30-06 View Post
    MN Public Hunter----Your first two links in your post #5 are dead!!!
    Thanks for the heads up.....
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    Here are the good ones I guess now to be safe... You will need to drill down a little to get to the data.
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    Heres a tip: dont take a gun first day! To easy to shot small one, spend day looking at goats...


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