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    Awesome job man! Amazing pictures too!!! Need a hunting partner?

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    As others have said awesome photos they really tell a story. Don't be to hard on yourself anyone who hunts especially bow hunts makes a bad shot sooner or later alls well that ends well. What did you say the gps coordinates were again.

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    Great pictures and a Great deer! Congrats!

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    Woah, cool story. That had to be a sinking feeling upon realizing where your arrow hit. Glad it turned out in you putting your tag on him though! As others have said , but I will echo - great pictures!

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    Nice buck and great photos. Congrats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robinhood21 View Post
    Awesome job man! Amazing pictures too!!! Need a hunting partner?
    Thanks man! I saw your post about OTC Elk in CO this coming season, and it looks like we might be in the same boat. I am from Texas, and have mostly bow hunted out of tree stands my whole life. The Western spot and stalk game in big country is brand new to me, but it is Heaven! I can't get enough.

    I am currently scouring OnX and looking for a spot to try OTC archery in CO this September. I will probably drive out there, so I am looking for a unit in southern CO. Units 75-81 basically. If you're interested in linking up and bouncing information off of each other, I'm game. PM if you want to link up!

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    Great thread. Thanks for sharing the pictures and story. Well done.

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    Awesome story.
    Next time you come up you can get an elk tag OTC as well.

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    Fantastic pictures! And congrats on your buck, he's a pretty one for sure.

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    Great buck and shots like those happen. They just do. Really enjoyed the photos and congrats! Best of luck in 2018 as well!

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    Love the pictures and great buck, to top it off you got to land some fish!
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